1. Creating Your Trust

TrustWare was created with simplicity in mind, making it easier than ever to create a trust, regardless of the size of complexity, in an hour or less.

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2. Signing your Trust

A day or two after you submit your trust, we’ll send you an email letting you know that you are ready to review and sign the trust document online.

3. Trustee Acceptance

Every trust is reviewed by one of our professional trust officers before it is considered ready to fund, and once it’s approved, you can view all documents in your account.

4. Funding Your Trust

You’re able to fund your trust online, through ACH and ACAT transfers, by check, or by naming the trust as the beneficiary of life insurance and other savings accounts.

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5. Managing Your Trust

Eastern Point Trust Company manages every trust, including all trustee and fiduciary responsibilities, and provides financial solutions so you don’t have to.

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